Prices for fertilization clinic
PHARMACEUTICALS From €250 to €1,250 Max.
TESA €300
IMSI 120€

What sets us apart from clinics in other countries

Expert doctors
More than 20 years of experience
Members of international associations
Increased chance of pregnancy guaranteed
Modern clinic
24/7 personalized support
Date flexibility
Direct flights
Ethics and responsibility

About Dr. Roman Pastrama

Doctor Roman says “No woman who wants to get pregnant leaves our clinic unsatisfied”.
Roman Pastrami is a gynecologist with more than 20 years of experience in assisted reproduction. He begun his career by graduating from the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy Nicolae Testemiţanu (Moldova). Beginning in university, he could see that he had an inclination for this area. He managed to graduate and complete his studies at the university with excellent grades and an average of 10, and he is considered one of the best graduates in the history of the institution.


After completing his studies so successfully, Pastrama laid the foundation for his career by actively participating in numerous courses and accumulating a vast amount of experience in the field of gynecology. He is currently a member of both the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and of the Reproduction Society of Russia and the Ukraine.
Israel, Moscow, Kiev and Bucharest were the pillars that formed the basis of his professional experience. As the most important centers of education in the field of gynecology, in these cities there is a general consensus that Dr. Roman has a true calling… which is assisted human reproduction.
Among many others, the doctor is competent in the areas of ultrasound, colposcopy and hysteroscopy, but his greatest passion is still human reproduction.
There are few specialists like Dr. Roman Pastrama in the world. His stats speak to this fact; more than 80% of the cases that have come to him from all over the world whose dreams have been broken by other doctors have found hope in Dr. Roman, who turns their dreams into reality.
He has never attempted IVF more than twice on a patient throughout his professional career, since it has not been necessary. His treatments have always been successful in either the first or second try.
His motto is: “If you want it, you can do it”

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